Finding Your Future at The University of Phoenix Online

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The idea of going to college can be overwhelming, as you deal with financial limits, time restraints, and prior commitments to family and work. However, there is hope to start or finish out that degree you have always dreamed about earning. Don’t let the burden of traditional universities change the future you want for yourself. Whether you decide to pursue a criminal justice degree, major in business, or become a teacher, there are a wide variety of options for everyone. With the University of Phoenix Online courses, you can easily begin your journey to a better future.

There are many choices for students who want to begin an online degree program or just take continuing education courses, and it is important to pick one with quality credentials. The University of Phoenix Online is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission as a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. This accreditation is the standard of excellence in education, and you can be assured that your courses will be taught by qualified instructors, and your degree with be respected by future employers.

This online educational institution is unique in that it offers a wide array of online classes and degrees, but it also has over 112 campus locations in 40 states. This is the largest higher education system in North America, and it serves a wide population of students from across the world. You can pick from over 100 degree programs, working as an undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral student. Areas of study include Business Management, Education, Health Administration, Criminal Justice and Security, Psychology and Social Sciences, Arts and Sciences, and Technology. There is also a division of the university devoted to educating and preparing military personnel for their future civilian jobs. The school prides itself on providing reduced tuition and great services to these honored men and women. The online institution offers a complete education, providing support every step of the way.

Instructors in this field offer the best curriculum, with real-world situations for students. Those teaching have a wealth of knowledge in their area, and they have all served in the field of criminal justice and security. Many of them are chiefs of police, judges, sheriffs, wardens, and security officers and executives. These professionals know the importance of having trusted, knowledgeable graduates who can take on the vital jobs of protecting the public.One popular choice for students is to study in the field of Criminal Justice and Security. Because this area offers exciting adventure, an opportunity to help others, and plenty of career advancement options, many choose this online criminal justice degree. This course of study explores the criminal justice system, preparing students to serve in law enforcement, corrections, criminal courts systems, and security. They focus on becoming leaders who can change the world.

No matter what major you choose to pursue, The University of Phoenix Online offers a complete education package for a myriad of learners. Besides all the degree options, the school provides a slew of other services for those continuing their education or just looking to maximize their job opportunities. The continuing education department seeks to help those people who want to develop skills to add to their current position, complete certification standards, or get re-certified in an area. Students also have access to career path resources, helping them to find job opportunities or network with future business contacts. Finally the online university provides many new career and planning tools, questioning, guiding, and fitting each person to the jobs that best suit them.

The University of Phoenix Online also takes great care to ensure that students are given countless services as soon as they begin exploring the school. There is a comprehensive network to support each student. Some of these include enrollment advisers, financial advisers, and academic advisers. Every area is covered, and students are immediately offered student services, a graduation plan, learning teams, and a comprehensive resource center. Those taking online courses have access to the campus centers to use state-of-the-art technology and resources, network, collaborate, or just get support. Again, most of these services can be accessed online as well, and in today’s world of technology, working online together is an easy feat.

If you can picture yourself as a successful college graduate, but you aren’t sure how to take on this task, while balancing your family and work commitments, The University of Phoenix Online is a perfect option for you. Your future is waiting, and this accredited, respected, education institution wants to work with you to meet your goals and maximize your career potential.

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